Today was our best first grader’s last day of school for the year. Not to make the day all about me, but I got us through the entire year without being tardy and forgeting her backpack or lunch. Mom’s Carline Karaoke enjoyed a three-minute medley every morning with varying levels of appreciation from the backseat. I have a variety of songs to fit each season, weather and after-school activity. “Today is Tuuuuuesday. Tuesday we go to the Y for swiimmmmmingggg. Ba ba da ba ba ba.”

I’ve been told multiple times that she isn’t happy school is ending. She said, “I will still love you Mama, but I think I’m going to be bored this summer. I mean, are we going to spend ALL the time together?” What a motherhood morale booster she is! Does she not remember our summers full of popsicles and swimming and making childhood memories? Has she forgotten all those mornings I spent inflating little pools and slipnslides?

The school year started off rough but once we got a morning routine and she became more comfortable with her class, things got better. We weren’t very impressed with the curriculum or how the school was run, but it was what we needed to do for this year and I’m thankful it was an option. She still struggles with spelling and phonics, but her handwriting and math have improved greatly. She made a few little friends and told me today that McKinlee asked her to be her best friend.
The only school event we’ve been able to attend was a student recognition ceremony yesterday. The class voted Sesame as Everyone’s Friend. “The Everyone’s Friend award if a very important award! It is special because this person is always nice, friendly and gets along well with everyone.” I’m so proud of her. Kindness and friendship are very important to me and I love that she’s practicing them on her own. She told me she didn’t think some of the awards were accurate. “Tati definitely shouldn’t have gotten the Care Bear award. She is NOT caring! Don’t you remember what she did with the monkey bars?” Sounds like the voting was rigged.

Our plan for next school year is for her to attend the new hybrid program at an established classical Christian school in town. She’ll go to the school building for full days on Tuesday/Thursday and be homeschooled the rest of the days. I think it will be the best of both worlds. I’ll get to homeschool her and she’ll get the classroom benefits. Let’s not forget that Tuesdays and Thursdays apart will be good for our relationship. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. I’ll use the hours to compose new songs for Carline Karaoke.