Army wife, mother, borrower of all the cute children I come across, laugh-er at very inopportune moments, and matchmaker. I am an excessive user of commas, parentheses, italicizing, and exclamation marks. I’m proud to say I can hang a spoon from my nose. Clearly my talents are just endless.

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writing this list made my blood pressure rise

Today is our 11th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, I decided to write a love letter detailing what I love about Christopher.

Just kidding!

Here’s a list of 11 things we disagree on.

1. Will Smith vs Chris Rock
2. Mushrooms
3. If stop signs in parking lots should be respected as much as stop signs on the road.
4. Whether or not football and soccer are chaotic and unproductive sports.
5. If we should leave for church at 9:35 or 9:40.
6. The importance of drinking more than three cups of water a week.
7. When taking a flight, should one wait until boarding begins to waltz down to Houston News and buy a coke or get it several minutes in advance to ensure you don’t miss the plane.
8. The best way to thaw meat
9. Having headphones in around others
10. The level of kitchen cleanliness at the end of the night.
11. Does the garage door need to be shut every single time we walk through it.

This was one of our toughest years (for the third year in a row so please God, make this year better) but we made it through. Our little family doesn’t look like what we thought it would but it’s ours and it’s my favorite.

Suess Days and World Days

Suess Days and World Days

We've had a busy few weeks at school. We had Dr. Suess week, Read Across America and World Day within days of each other. I'd like to schedule a meeting with the principle and/or all parties responsible for scheduling them all at the same time. There may have been a...

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On Valentine's morning, I sent Christopher the following text, "I have diagnosed the dishwasher as potentially having a motor issue. I cleaned the filter and various other things youtube recommended. If that doesn't work we might need to call Jason to fix it." Don't...

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Currently, the Marvel movies critic edition

Currently, the Marvel movies critic edition

Happy February! We spent the first half of January recovering from our travels and the second half recovering from the 'rona. It hadn't hit us since March of 2020 (we were trendsetters) so it was bound to get us again at some point. I'm almost relieved we have it out...

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