Father’s Day ’21

The last time I blogged Annabelle was 7. Now she’s 17 with her own license. I told her not to get used to having such a great license photo. She’ll never have one so cute again.
We visited with some of Christopher’s family in Atlanta last week, and one of them remembered about a kids driving course. Annabelle was thrilled to have her own license and drive her own little car. She kept it 10 and 2 and her eyes on the road the whole time. She gets her driving skilz from her mother. That apple stayed very close to the tree.


We celebrated Father’s Day on Saturday. We planned a “pick your own adventure mission” with activities around town. Did I make Christopher pick so I wouldn’t have to decide because I have decision fatigue? Possibly. But it was a fun time. Each card had different options such as “Would you rather explore the art museum, bookstore or library?” “Would you rather get a tasty beverage at Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or a local coffee shop?” “Would you rather walk around the park or the lake?” There isn’t much to do around here but we hit a few of the hot warm spots.

Annabelle added a very confusing component to the mission. She picked one random clue from each place, put them together, and we had to figure out what “they” stole. She wasn’t clear who they were or even how we’d pick the clue, but it made sense in her crazy little head. We were then supposed to go to Walmart or Target and buy the item that matched the clues. The clues were blue, skinny, shapes, and sweet which happened to match Annabelle and what she was wearing at the time. Walmart and Target were fresh out of Annabelles so we stuck with the one we already had.

“You rock! I love you! Nobute cud evr hav a beter papa.” Sesame comes by both her bad spelling and love of her father honestly. Once again, I am the tree and she is my apple.
We failed to take a picture with the man of the hour, but he wouldn’t be the man of the hour without us girls.

Easter, twenty-twenty one

We went to a church Easter egg hunt yesterday morning. It was at a church member’s house and we assumed the eggs would be tossed in the backyard and trees. It was not. It is no exaggeration to say the house and yard were straight out of an antebellum novel. It was gorgeous. It had fields and gardens and a wrap-around second story porch. The yard was plenty large enough for each age group to have their own egg hunting area. When we arrived, two party companies were setting up for a wedding that was going to happen there that afternoon. There were string lights, fancy linens and even an old fashioned black car on the side of the house for the bride and groom. I don’t care about cars in general, but I LOVE old cars. I was thrilled to have happened upon a wedding. My history of watching the weddings of strangers is long and well documented. If you have a wedding in a public place, you can’t be surprised/upset when someone (me) stops to watch and comment on dresses and colors. Christopher had no desire to stick around a stranger’s house for endless hours to watch a wedding of people we didn’t know. I can’t imagine why. It seemed like a great way to spend a Saturday to me.

Speaking of dresses, my days of buying themed holiday dresses and outfits seem to be over. Back in the day, I’d have multiple outfits for every holiday. This year I didn’t even have one shirt with a bunny for AB to wear. She did wear a bow so we had that going for us. It was chilly (according to the southerners) so she wore a penguin sweatshirt and too short pink pants. None of it screamed Easter. If anything, it screamed Mom is too cheap to buy fitting pants because it’s almost summer.

Too short pants on display in one of the several gardens.
The photo props cracked me up. “Liked by Esther, Abraham, Ruth and 777 others.” There was a New Testament version liked by Peter, James and John.

This morning AB woke up with a sore throat and headache. I am 99.9% convinced it’s allergies, but I had her stay home from Sunday school. A few weeks ago I brought her to Sunday school when her stomach was bothering her and we ended up leaving in the middle of the lesson because she threw up. I was so embarressed. She gets a very lowgrade fever when she has a headache and I’ve come to expect it, but I didn’t want to put it on the man taking the kids temperatures to decide whether or not she was “safe” to attend Sunday school. I was teaching Sunday school so I had to go but AB and Christopher met me there for the service. Ever since church started back in person, every other pew has been roped off. Today was the first time every pew was open and it seemed like a normal church service. There hadn’t been that many people in months. I think it’s a combination of the numbers being low, the vaccine and the fact that people are over this whole thing. Those who don’t feel comfortable church absolutely should not until they feel ready. Couch Cushion Baptist on Living Room Rd is the place to be! But those of us who are fine with in-person church and don’t mind sitting directly in front of someone instead of three pews away should do so in the joy of the Lord. Amen and amen.

This photo brought to you by a girl pumped full of clariton and a dad who brought her to church with her dress on backwards.

Button ear memory lane. LOOK AT HER LITTLE BALD HEAD.

it was a multilingual holiday

Someone on Instagram got a chandelier for Valentine’s day. Our day was more lowkey and middle class.

We did our paper heart attack on the bedroom doors. Some people were less romantic than others but the love was still there.

This was the first year Sesame signed her friends’ valentines herself. It was much easier for me but I kind of missed her first Valentines when we gave her baby friends squeezie pouches of apple sauce with a tag that said, “You’re my main squeeze.”

I made our traditional valentines breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes and bacon. We added whipped strawberry milk to the menu and it was a hit. Annabelle helped me make the meal which was about as big a show of love on my part that I could possibly give. I love that she has memories of us listening to music while cooking, but cooking with her is like if a hurricane, tornado and snowstorm had a baby.

She made me and Christopher homemade cards that needed a little translation help. His said, “Yr sumun specshl” with a picture of a bear. Mine said “one of a cind (kind).” She told me, “I drew an elephant because they’re your favorite and I put big earrings and eyelashes because that’s what you like.” It tickles me that she goes to eyelashes and earrings when she thinks of me.

Speaking of translation, we had a bit of a funny snafu with Christopher’s card. He’s learning Spanish and likes homework so I bought him a Spanish card. The only word I recognized was amor.

He didn’t get past the front of the card before he translated enough to announce that I bought him a card from a husband to a wife. That also explained why it was such a flowery card. It made us laugh so hard. Afterwards I saw the translation on the back of the card:

For my wife, with all my love.
Everything I want is exactly what you are…
A woman with kindness,
Who works hard and loves harder…
A woman who is beautiful in a million wats.
You are the faithful companions I depend on
And the gorgeous woman I love.
And to call you my wife
Makes me feel as proud and lucky as a man can be.

He can regift me the card next year.

Christmas of 2020

I took very few pictures this Christmas but few pictures has never meant few words so buckle up.

We went to an outdoor Christmas service a few weeks ago but our church had candlelight services again on Christmas eve. They had four services to accommodate for the spacing of attendees. I wanted to ask the pastor if he was so tired of saying the same things four services in a row that he wanted to switch up the sermon a little. “What Mary really wanted was a soft pillow to lay her head on, but Joseph didn’t remember to put it in his satchel. They might have been newlyweds but they sounded like an old married couple when they argued about who was responsible for not packing the pillow all the way from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Mary gave Joseph the silent treatment for several hours and did not offer to split the last fig with him.”

We got home from church just in time to have a video chat with my family back home. We were supposed to go home for Christmas but couldn’t because of current circumstances. Instead, several of us had a group facetime to visit and sing carols. There were all the freezing screens, mismatched audio, and garbled speech we’ve come to expect on these calls. We made lemonade out of lemons and had some good laughs.
We had our traditional North Pole breakfast on Christmas Eve. Annabelle “helped decorate.” It wasn’t necessarily how I wanted to practice patience but she enjoyed being part of the process.
AB was THRILLED to have Grammy and Aunt Elizabeth (aka Squizen, aka Betty Bopp, aka Squidelz, need I go on) here for Christmas. She was stuck like glue to her the whole time.
During Thanksgiving, AB asked me what I can’t get enough of. I said, “The learning of gregorian chants and the new Hebrew textbooks and ancient scrolls I just purchased.” Kidding. I said earrings. She gave me a lovely pair of earrings and told me I should have more since I can’t have enough.

Normally it is a huge struggle to find Christopher gifts. His birthday is in November so I have very little rest time between gift-giving opportunities. I like to think that gift-giving is one of my spiritual gifts so not knowing what to give him is very frustrating. This year I hit it out of the park. He has boxes of old t-shirts that he’s been saying he needs to have made into a quilt. I packed them up, sent them away, and presented him with a t-shirt quilt. It was really a gift for us both as I was tired of seeing the boxes of shirts. Our tenth anniversary is in April and I’ve been saving all my work money for our anniversary trip. I used some of my money and booked us a little airbnb in Atlanta. It was the cutest little place near several fun restaurants. We played rummy, walked in the few shops that were open, went to the art museum, and generally had a grand old time. Again, it was a gift as much for me as for him but I couldn’t send him off by himself!

may perspective be 2020 and we not repeat these mistakes

Welcome to my yearly airing of grievances where I beg the world to cease and desist all behaviors I find annoying. It goes without saying that any and all viruses which shall not be named are no longer welcome in the new year.

+ Several years ago in my grievances I mentioned how I loath abbreviated words such as sammie, brekkie, and addy (instead of address). It makes me gag just writing those words. Sadly the world has not listened to me and I’m still hearing those words. I come to you this year with a new word we need to abolish from our vocabulary: K instead of ok. Do you not have time to type ONE more letter and make it a complete word? I’m not asking that people go above and beyond by spelling o-k-a-y. All I’m asking is for a complete word.

+ Political pamphlets. It was a veeery long political season and in Georgia, it still hasn’t wrapped up. We’ve been getting 2-5 pieces of mail from both political parties almost every day since October. We’ve known who we’re voting for in the runoff election for months so we learn nothing new from the pamphlets and they go straight into the trash. At this point, I think I should have kept count of which party sent the least mail and vote for them!

+ Groups of friends who get together for visit then spend the entire time on their phones and not interacting with one another. One time at church I was VERY ANNOYED WITH THE WORLD and I directed this annoyance at a group of teenage boys sitting in a row, each on their phones. I wanted to roll up a bulletin and throw it at them but Christopher said isn’t how we are to behave in church and it doesn’t need to bother me so much and who suddenly made him the reasonable one in this relationship?

+ One-way aisles in stores. This issue was brought up by the pandemic shandemic and much like the pandemic shandemic, it needs to be kicked to the curb. If the one-way arrows on the floor are meant to limit interpersonal contact, then tell me how it makes sense for me to see the box of crackers I need in empty aisle 13, but the arrow is saying I need to walk up crowded aisle 12 to get to the other end of 13 so that I’m not going the “wrong” way. I understand their reasoning, but it’s not well executed. I’ve said before how I’m a very conscientious rule follower, but this makes absolutely no sense. I tell my conscience it’s more of a suggestion/preference than law as I go into the empty aisle the wrong way. Our grocery store recently took down the arrow stickers because no one was following them. TJMaxx still has them but whoever put them on the floor didn’t pay attention to what they were doing because in one section the arrows make a square around the food and you could go ’round and ’round for hours. In another spot, the arrows meet in the middle of the aisles and are pointing in opposite directions. –> <–

+ Constant notifications for phone and computer updates. I will push ‘ask me later’ and ‘postpone’ 99 times so I don’t have to deal with the changes the updates will bring. I can only push postpone on my phone so many times before it does its own thing and updates itself but I will delay as long as possible.

+ Boomerangs. I don’t mind boomerangs that are someone diving off a cliff then going in reverse up to the top of the cliff. There are some very entertaining and well done boomerangs. The boomerangs I’m specifically speaking on are pointless. A girl did a boomerang of her hand taking a book on and off a shelf. Someone else posted a boomerang of stirring her coffee. You could literally do the same action without the boomerang part and it would look the same.

The first word I saw was mud. I was hoping for something along the lines of plenty of sleep or an unexpected windfall of cash is in your future. I hope this not a sign of things to come!

Christmas tour 2020

The living room and dining room are the only areas I got decorated this year and honestly, I barely got them done. I wanted to decorate the kitchen too but what with pandemics and miscarriages and blahblahblah I didn’t have the energy.

It’s clique, but I do love the glow of the lights.
The glow of the tiny neon tree lights adds a very authentic touch to the nativity scene.
Annabelle’s snowman army has been growing strong for six years. They’re the first things she asks to unpack when we get out the Christmas boxes. They obscure some of my decor and end up all over the living room and kitchen. Every so often I try to weed them out but she always notices. One of these years she won’t be excited to see the snowmen box so we continue to line up them up and see her smile. Last year nutcrackers became her newest obsession and the nutcracker army is beginning to form.

Our theme tree in the dining room didn’t pan out well this year. We had several good ideas but didn’t have the time to gather the necessary supplies. Instead, we used ball ornaments we used on theme trees in years past and a package of new pastel glitter balls. I prefer to call them baubles as it sounds much more sophisticated. I guess you could say the theme is pretty baubles.
I love sitting on the couch at night and seeing the living room tree to my left and the theme tree to my right.Long live Christmas cards!