Army wife, mother, borrower of all the cute children I come across, laugh-er at very inopportune moments, and matchmaker. I am an excessive user of commas, parentheses, italicizing, and exclamation marks. I’m proud to say I can hang a spoon from my nose. Clearly my talents are just endless.

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noteworthies from November

Student of the month “for demonstrating honorable character.”

The L’s celebrated a birthday. They were less than thrilled. It seems they are not party animals.

This year’s 4th grade science fair experiment was about German candle carousels and thermal energy. 

Sesame will look out the window for an entire plane ride. The last few flights she chose
to take pictures out the window instead of watching a show or doing any of her several activities.

Houston for Thanksgiving. Lots and lots of card games around that table. 

It took months too long, but Fall finally showed up.
I found all three colored leaves in the backyard then took myself leaf-peeping.

updates on various topics

updates on various topics

+ I've been subbing like crazy this school year. Generally, I cap my subbing at 2nd grade, but the 3rd and 4th grade teacher caught me in a moment of weakness and I couldn't say no. My "moment of weakness" on this particular day was we were meeting for the first time....

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seeing the springs

seeing the springs

Every year I say we need to take a family vacation just the three of us and we never do. This year I put my foot down and said, guys! We're doing it. It was the shortest, one-night vacation but it was lovely nonetheless. We've been wanting to visit Ginnie Springs in...

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forward to fourth

I do not like the night before school starts. It's as depressing to me as the night before a birthday. WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO GROW UP. But here we are, already in fourth grade. Tomorrow she'll be graduating college and Christopher will be moving us girls into our...

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