December recap. vol.3

When we finally landed in CT for Aaron’s wedding, it was nearly midnight. Annabelle heard an announcement about the designated smoking area and wondered allowed why someone would leave their home to go to the airport and just to smoke. I kept saying they would go to the designated smoking area only if they were already at the airport but she didn’t understand. “But Mama, do they like, drive to the airport to smoke here instead of at their house? And why are they smoking anyway? Don’t they know that makes your lungs black? Oh, I like those soap dispensers. Do they have soap dispensers in the smoking area?” You know what I don’t have after a long day of packing, science fairs, “random” security checks that I always get chosen for and turbulence? The energy to explain why some people smoke. I was so relieved when we made it to the hotel.

All we had scheduled for the next morning was a hair appointment for me and trip to a genuine Dunkin Donuts. We were to meet Mom and Elizabeth at the rehearsal dinner venue that afternoon to decorate before the wedding rehearsal. Elizabeth had things to decorate the room with and I had ordered several centerpiece decorations from Amazon that were supposed to arrive at Elizabeth’s house Thursday morning. Elizabeth texted me Friday morning and said no delivery had been made. Not one item had arrived. I checked the order information and it was delayed until Tuesday. I’M LAYING ALL THE BLAME ON YOU, JEFF BAZOS. If you weren’t so busy trying to become a bazillionaire maybe I wouldn’t have had to rush around to six stores in a town I didn’t know the week before Christmas looking for classy Christmas decor. This is why I boycotted Amazon for six months a few years ago. I didn’t like Jeff and his attitude. I feel another boycott coming on. I know my boycott will make .00000000000000000000000000000000% difference in his bank account but it will make me feel better. I’ll start the boycott after I order the new shoes I saw last week.


The only Christmas decorations we could find were either overpriced or glitzy. HobLob already had spring items out so they were no help. We ended up with pine tree pipe cleaners that I made into wreaths and we filled in with berries and greenery that Elizabeth got from the woods. The little lanterns were from Stephanie. We didn’t get to use the darling gold deer candle holders I ordered (hashtag still bitter) but it turned out ok. Who needs Jeff anyway. This is one of three photos I have documenting the entire evening and the three hours we spent decorating.

A few fashion notes from the wedding. Elizabeth looked amazing. I did her makeup so of course that looked good but besides that she looked wonderful. She always cuts her own hair but splurged on a real hairdresser which I’ve been telling her to do for 12 years now. I’m going to use this picture for her online dating profile.Speaking of hair, Mom has never once in my 32 years had her hair straightened her hair. She walked in from Emma’s hairdresser having done her hair and the intake of our collective aww and wow almost knocked her off her new high heels.BABY OLIVER WORE A BABY TUXEDO AND BABY DRESS SHOES. AND A BABY BOWTIE!

The wedding was at a carousel museum and at two points during the event we could ride a little carousel downstairs. There was also a puppet theater the kids could play with, a player piano and a vintage firefighting museum. There was plenty to look at and entertain the guests. We weren’t sure if Grandma would make it because she’s been so tired lately (“I am 94, you know. These body parts are quite old.”) but she did and she and Aaron cuddled up on the carousel bench and went for a twirl. Seeing them do that together was so special. (Aaron looked very dapper, but I’m pretty sure Autumn and I had jumpers made out of the same pattern fabric as his tie when we were little.) I call this series a behind-the-scenes of a fashion blogger photoshoot.A sweet girls picture…with two weird circus guys in the background.

Congratulations, lovebirds. We love you kids.
PS. I will not be ordering your first anniversary gift from Jeffy B.

visiting log

While we were in Massachusetts, Mom put together a family picnic when we were in town so all the siblings and all the cousins got to visit.I got a “fun aunt” hat specifically so Oliver would know that’s who I am. He needs to understand that I’m the party bus driver right from the beginning. He wore his best Hawaiian shirt so I know he’s onboard the party bus with me.

Aunt Camped 2021 almost didn’t happen this year. AB had a 103* fever and a variety of symptoms the day before Aunt Camp was supposed to start. We were devastated and shed some tears. Aunt Camp is a highlight of our year and it really seemed like we were going to lose the opportunity. She stayed on the couch for a day before the fever broke then we had to wait another 24 hours to be sure it didn’t come back before seeing the cousins. We didn’t get our usual three-night sleepover with long days of playing like normal, but some Aunt Camp was better than none.
I can never decide if I like the mountains or the ocean best. This view puts a lot of points in the ocean category.

I spent an afternoon with Carol, Brian and the kids. Carol could not get over the fact that Molly and Zack chose to visit with me for several hours instead of being on their phones or with their friends. “They don’t do this for just anyone. I don’t think you understand how rare this is.” This is the reward for my seven years of babysitting them. We did Silly Suppers, went to Boston, made endless crafts, had sleepovers, built villages with every toy they owned, and ate popsicles in the blowup pool. We made animals out of egg cartons and set traps for the leprechaun. Molly talked 48 miles an hour which prepared me for parenting AB. There was the time we got lost on the way to the “states best petting zoo.” When we finally got there, all the signs said we weren’t allowed to touch any animals nor were we allowed to stand within a few feet of their fence. This caused much sobbing and sorrow. To top off the day, we got rear-ended on the way home. In summary, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows but of all the memories I have with my many cousins, watching those two crazy cats are some of my favorite memories. ALL THAT TO SAY. Molly got her permit last month. I still think of her as six years old so I’m not sure what the DMV was thinking when they gave it to her.
Zack and I sat in the backseat while Molly drove around the parking lot and attempted to back up. He kept up a running commentary from the backseat of how she could improve. ”You have to turn the wheel the other way when you’re backing up. Why are you so jerky with the steering wheel? I’ve had my license for a year now so I feel confident in handling a vehicle. Molly! Gosh. Chill out. We’re trying to stay alive back here.”

I know what backseat driver to call when I resurrect my babysitting career.

thus begins my yearly Massachusetts travel log

We’ve traveled thousands of miles between my last post and this. We finally went back home for a visit after a year of being away. Christopher wasn’t able to come so it was just AB and I doing our airport thing of counting dogs, popping bonine and explaining for the five hundredth time that airport snacks are very expensive.

Elizabeth happens to have an inflatable boat in her room because why not. I thought it would make a very comfortable bed for Annabelle but she disagreed. Instead of sleeping in the boat, her little bed or on the floor, she spent nearly every night of the two weeks squished up against me in the twin bed which meant I was pushed up against the cold wall. I may have been more comfortable if I took the boat out on the open sea than spending 14 nights sleeping with that octopus.

We spent an afternoon visiting with Dad and exploring a quirky garden/greenhouse/hippie giftshop. They have a large bamboo forest that I loved playing in as a child and Annabelle now loves. She and Elizabeth went off the beaten path and stomped around like elephants while yelling like banshees. I kept telling them I didn’t think they should be over there, but eventually, I decided to pretend I didn’t know them at all. Elizabeth is always toeing the line of what’s allowed so I frequently pretend I don’t know her so I won’t be guilty by association if she gets in trouble. Obviously, there’s a picture of me scaling the bamboo with ONE arm but it somehow got mysteriously lost in the cloud.We went to the beach for a few hours and AB was reunited with her surfboard. She loves the water and the closest thing we have to the ocean here is the puddle in the front yard when it rains. Is it too late to get her on the Olympic surf team? Is that sign-up sheet still floating around?
Big things are happening in Massachusetts. Aaron and Emma got engaged a few weeks ago. I told him beforehand that he should wait until I was in town so I could photograph the event (meaning I wanted to watch from the bushes) but he turned me down. Rude. No one ever invites me to their engagement.

He was more thrilled about meeting his new favorite aunt than it looks. I had just come from an unfortunate hair appointment and he was offended I had asked everyone else’s opinion on my hair but his. We worked it out and we’re on better terms now. All I had to do was give him a pacifier, change his diaper, sing a Sarah Original song, hold him facing out then in then out again, walk around the house and stand at the window before he came back around. We’re best friends now.

our Branson vacation according to Annabelle

“I was the first child to ride on the jet ski we had rented. It was so fun. I was very nervous to jump off the back of the boat. The water was green and I got it up my nose, I think. Dad took my hand and we swam out to Opa on the jetski. Opa is my grandpa. I like to go fast on the jet ski, but not make it tip over fast. I was very surprised when Opa and my Dad fell blup-dee-dup-dee over. Did you write the blup-dee-dup-dee part yet?”
“The first time we rode the boat it was flat on the water. The second time it was nose up in the air! Once I got used to nose up, I liked nose up better.”
“I don’t know about this picture. I don’t remember taking it.”

“I love Sadie. I also loved that big chair. It said Shepherd of the Hills on it which I know because I can read. We met a boy who was in the Shepherd of the Hills play. We met him when we were looking at some wild raspberries. I asked him if they were edible and he said yes. He was pretty nice.

“Well, you’re in this picture so you can tell us about it.”

“I was very surprised because there were TWO pearls inside my oyster instead of one. They’re pink. It’s unique, not common, to have two pink pearls. To have two different pearls in one oyster is unique.

“We went to the tiger exorbitory (National Tiger Sanctuary). I had so much fun. I got a shoulderkin stuffed animal tiger that sits on my shoulder. The tigers were so big and I heard them roar. Literally roar, Mom. I like the lions most of all. I mean also. I liked them also.”

“I was the last one to get face painted. I got face painted as a dragon. It was on the boys menu but I could still do it. I chose a bright blue dragon.”

“Me, Sadie and emory all jumped off of the deck. It was so much fun. I enjoyed it a lot. I also invented a way for people to get into their boats (kayaks) and back out again for free! No charging!”

“I was tired and homesick and I wanted to go back to the resort.” (I was hoping she’d say, “I will always treasure this memory of snuggling with my mother. She has been snuggling me on family trips for years. She is my best friend and I love her so much.”)


we shore were happy

When Mom and Elizabeth were here we took a quick trip down to the beach. Sesame had plenty of opportunities to do one of her favorite things- go in multiple bodies of water and splash to her heart’s content. There was barely anyone at the beach and the water was so shallow I let her roam free. She missed Christopher so she drew a portrait of him in the sand, which is ironic given that he hates sand. It was so lovely to be out in nature and in new scenery.Elizabeth only comes to see me so she can appear on the blawg. My head looks huge. Her head is the size of my earring.
It wasn’t until we moved to the depths of Georgia that I realized how much I like having seagulls around. I don’t want one for a pet or to use them in home decor, but they’re such a reminder of home. I sang Feed the Birds while we fed the birds because AB is not yet embarrassed for me to do such things in public and I will ride that train as far as I can.
We took a riverboat ride through a freshwater spring/wildlife refuge. We saw all manner of alligators, turtles, fish, and birds. Much to Annabelle’s horror, we saw vultures. When we visited the Atlanta zoo in March, Christopher insulted the vulture’s eyebrows. The vulture, evidently a sensitive soul, flew squawking into the fence and terrified Annabelle. She has been scarred ever since and frequently says she hopes she doesn’t see vultures again. Keep in mind we live in a very suburban area with little to no chance of seeing a vulture. As we rode by, she covered her eyes and said, “It’s a good thing Daddy isn’t here. It’s a good thing Daddy isn’t here. Don’t talk about their eyebrows!”
We even saw a mama and baby manatee. “Come join our photography team,” said no wildlife publication to me ever.

I didn’t win the game but I kept my crown

This is the story of my life.  
Yesterday Christopher called around 1:30. I told him I was going to do a second coat of paint on the cabinet doors then sit down with the heating pad. The next three hours were a snowball effect of little jobs. I painted and washed the brushes, made supper (I’m constantly forgetting I’m the adult responsible for meals around here), got AB in the tub and washed her hair, washed several pans, loaded the dishwasher, swept the floor, threw away some old food and took out the trash, got a snack, washed paint off the floor and went out in the pouring rain to shut the car windows. When Christopher got home around five o’clock I had just finally sat down. This is why I feel like I get none of my things done. I’m always doing one thousand other things!

We finally had church on Sunday. They had the parking lot split into three sections- people with lawn chairs, people in golf carts, and people in cars. We were in the car group. 
AB and I dressed in our church clothes like normal even though no one would notice what we wore. I thought it might help her remember that even though we weren’t inside we were still worshipping. At one point I looked in the back of the car and she was doing a headstand against the driver’s seat and her dress was bunched under her arms. I should have put her in a gymnastics leotard.
We were given these little all-in-one communion cups, complete with a wafer on top and the dove of the Holy Spirit printed on the top.

That afternoon we participated in the holiest of Sunday games, an online murder mystery with my relatives. It’s a little known fact that I can be very competitive. It usually only comes out when playing games with my siblings and has weaseled its way into my marriage. I cannot count the number of times Christopher and I have started to play a game and I start with the smack talking and he responds with, “Ok.” Ok? That’s not the kind of competition I’m looking for! Elizabeth brought the same level of nonchalance when I asked if she was playing. 

The theme was 80s Prom Gone Wrong and everyone dressed their part. I was given the role of Peter Prez, the class president who was hoping to be crowned Prom King. I made myself a crown since I was sure to win and a winner is always prepared with accessories. 
Maybe I’ll wear my crown to church next Sunday.