I didn’t think this day would come but here we are. 

I am partied out.

My party planning protégé has played birthday party almost every day for the last two years. Her imaginary friends Goldbug and Garby have both had birthdays every day since May 1st. Usually, the stuffed animals and imaginary friend family have their birthdays more spread out over the week but this birthday season has been extra busy. AB is constantly celebrating someone but we’re not always invited. Lately, it’s become more of a production.


Stand by while I set fire to the place.

Back to the party situation. They’re productions that require dessert, a talent for the talent show, and for all participants to bring gifts. She invites whoever is around (so it’s always me) and gets offended if we don’t show up with the proper level of enthusiasm. I love a good party and I’m proud of her for having a theme for each party but like I said, I am partied out. I used to bring good gifts to the parties but the other day I gave a broken crayon. I gave it in a tissue so at least it was wrapped. Tonight’s party was swimming theme and she wanted us all to wear our bathing suits. I declined. We don’t attend all the parties but I know someday she won’t want me to play with her so I do my best to seem excited every single time. I thought the birthday party infatuation was a phase but it’s been three years and I don’t see it ending anytime soon.

She’s planned a swimming party, a music party, a dancing party, a carrot peeling party, an animal party, a room cleaning party, a bed making party and a Bible party. She’ll set up the kitchen like a party restaurant or the living room like a “party house.” She finds snacks from the pantry and pours us tiny cups of tea. She’ll put on a tutu over her favorite summer dress and top it off with an over sized white sweater.

Right now she’s planning a circus party. I expect to be invited any minute now.