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Wife, mother, laugh-er at very inopportune moments, and matchmaker. I am an excessive user of commas and exclamation marks. I once won March Madness despite knowing nothing about basketball, and I know how to find all the best Dunkin Donuts coupons. Clearly my talents are just endless.

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In Never Neverland

Another show is in the books.  

I was allowed a brief selfie when dropping AB off before the first show.
“Mom!! I have to go!! Cora is going in before me!! I neeeeeed to gooooo!!!!”

The wheel on Hook’s ship was Christopher’s when he was a little boy. It’s been hanging around in our craft room for years and finally got its moment in the literal spotlight. 

AB was a Lost Boy which was a very appropriate role for her. She seldom knows what’s going on in life.
All the Lost Boys were dressed as animals and she picked black bear. I thought she looked adorable. “Mom, I think I’m supposed to go with accuracy, not adorable. Perhaps we should get me a tail.” 
The little boy who initially had the role of the crocodile had too much stage fright and pulled out of the show early on. I offered to fill in but needless to say, Sesame Black Bear was not on board with sharing the stage with her mother. Wearing matching show shirts is about her limit these days. 😉 

AB and A. Ham

I do not jump on bandwagons. I am an anti bandwagoner. This has been detrimental at some points if it's something I would enjoy if it wasn't popular, but feel I cannot participate in because of its popularity. I have not jumped on the following wagons to some level...

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do you sea what I sea

I have finally recovered from the sickness that plagued my life for the last 10 or so days. I'm not sure if it was the Black Death or allergies, but the cocktail of over-the-counter drugs I took did nothing to stop the symptoms. Sickness cometh after boasting that you...

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little bits of January

little bits of January

Me in December: Things will calm down after Christmas! Me in January: We need to coordinate our calendars better. We have too much going on. No free weekends! Who is agreeing to all this? Last weekend we had a bed build with Sleep In Heavenly Peace, the organization...

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