In honor of her 21st on October 19th, I present
21 Reasons to Love Katie

1. She willingly plays gets dressed-up in {occasionally outlandish} costumes under the guise of “entertaining the kids” or “to take pictures” , but really its because dress-up is such good, clean fun and she doesn’t care that some may say she’s too old for such things.

2. Never in the history of friends or candy has there been a better person to share a bag of Skittles with. She likes the red and purple best, I like the yellow and orange best, and we split the green.

3. She is a friend to all kinds. Neither the ladylike Olivia nor that dude, Ernie, are passed over.

4. If you just so happen to say to her “D.F.I.G.”, or “M.S.P.”, she will understand exactly what you’re saying.

5. She thinks nothing of dashing up and down the hallway with you in imitation of Laurie and Jo’s dance from Little Women. At 5 o’clock in the morning.

6. Her hair is a work of great beauty. Whoever said that you should not to pick your friends based on their appearance obviously never met her hair.

7. She is fabulous at spelling, her brain makes the Wizard of Oz jealous, and her handwriting is enviable.

8. A day spent with Katie is 98% pure laughter. The other 2% of the time is used as a breath-catching time so the laughter can start again.

9. If laughter really does extended your life, Katie is going to live to be a very,very,very old lady.

10. She includes me in all her big moments.

11. She loves my grandparents as her very own.

12. When Grandpa died, she was able to comfort my in a special way because of that and because she lost her own grandfather 5 months ealier.

13. She always remembers our plan that we will be so polite as to inform the other if we were going to be rude.

14. In all her years of sleeping over, never once has she forget to join me in asking Daniel{the “prince”}if he was in a good mood that morning.

15. Because we both “love eggs AND hate eggs”.

16. She will send you an oatmeal soap recipe when your eczema is acting up.

17. While visiting London for the first time she won’t forget to send you a postcard and 3 page letter within that one week.

18. Because no one could possibly even think to ask for a better bestest friend to have the last 18 years.

19. Knowing that you love hearing about all the babies at her church, she will provide periodical cuteness updates.

20. She is an amazing sister to each of her 6 sisters and 4 brothers. She is so loved by my family, her “adopted family”, that she was given a seat of honor during Daniel’s wedding ceremony: in the front row along with the rest of our family.

21. Just look at this picture. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with someone so cool?!