I didn’t mean for so much time to pass between posts but that’s how it goes every time I go home for a visit. I think I’ll have time to read and blog but in reality I do very little of either.

It was so stupidly hot most of our visit. The day we arrived was 66* but every day after was sweltering. I am not the best version of myself in the heat. I get very annoyed with life in general and have very little patience. I thought a great idea for our last day of Aunt Camp would be to visit the splash pad. Contrary to the website, it wasn’t open so we tried another park Daniel knew of. It was closed for an old car show. We tried a third park but it didn’t open for an hour and a half. All it had was a fire hydrant stuck in the middle of a cement enclosure so it wasn’t what we were looking for anyway. Morale in our car was dropping rapidly so I called a fourth park with a wading pool to find out the hours. I wasn’t about to make the girls sit through a drive to another failed park. The woman on the phone said it was open until 5:45. I found an open park! The day was saved! I was the Aunt Camp MVA (most valuable aunt). We picked up Chickfila and I got the girls enthusiasm back up. THE NEXT PARK WAS LOCKED. The sign said it didn’t open for 45 minutes. I was so close to breaking in. I didn’t travel for two hours to be defeated. Two lifeguards showed up and we thought they’d let us in early but no such luck. They sat on their chairs for half an hour while 17 children waited in the grass. They said no one could swim, or stick toes in, until noon because of insurance. Insurance shimnsurance. It was 98* with high humidity. Children were falling apart. A certain mother might have been on the brink of organizing a revolt against the wading pool. Like I said, I’m not my best self in the heat. Once we all got a chance to cool off and have some fun we all decided it was a good trip after all.


Halfway through Aunt Camp, Ivy started sitting on her potty every time AB sat on hers. She’d announce that she peed, Annabelle would get off her toilet to check, then tell Ivy to sit back down and try again. They looked like Jacks in the box, hopping up and down. At one point she was laying on the ground in front of Ivy’s potty out by the pool encouraging her to keep trying. “Just keep trying, Baby Ivy! Keep trying and you’ll get better!” This pattern repeated for several visits to the bathroom and by the end of our visit Ivy was saying when she needed the potty and using it almost full time. Erika did nothing but buy the potty and monitor handwashing.
It took 10 months to potty train Annabelle. She didn’t get it until four months ago. Apparently she’s now enough of an expert to train Ivy. I’m thinking of making this lucrative and starting AB’s Potty Encouragement, LLC.

Tuesday night we went to fireworks and Wednesday we went to the parade. We almost didn’t go to the parade because of the heat but I’m so glad we did. There’s so much change going on so it was nice to do something I did as a child. Annabelle loved it. She danced and clapped and collected candy. She was so ladylike about picking the candy. She’d run over to the pile, inspect every piece, then pick one and bring it back to. She never took more than one because she wanted to share with the others.

Baby Ivy is my favorite.
The photographer for the local paper was fascinated with her. I can’t say I blame him. She did have the cutest outfit.

It was with great sadness that we left yesterday. The visits always go by so fast! When we got to the airport the man behind the counter said, “You know the flight is delayed? You got the email?” If I got the email and knew it was delayed I would not have shown up five hours early. Mom and Elizabeth hadn’t left the airport so we reconvened and came up with a plan that didn’t involve me entertaining Sesame in an airport for half the day. Suddenly the handle on the collapsible wagon we travel with broke. It was at this point that Annabelle bit my arm. She NEVER bites. I know she was overtired but it was not acceptable. I was already over the day and it wasn’t even noon. Elizabeth said she’d find a way to fix the wagon and she did. We drove to a mechanic, she took the broken wagon in and reappeared with it completely fixed. I told her I wish I had the courage to waltz in there for help. I’ve been known to leave the grocery store without an ingredient instead of asking for help. She said she did it so she’d make it to the blog. LET’S ALL RECOGNIZE ELIZABETH.
We finally got on the plane at the time it was originally scheduled to land in Georgia. We had our tray tables up and seatbelts securely fastened when the captain announced that Air Force One was in the area and all other air travel in the area was prohibited. We sat on the runway for an hour. 
The pilot tried to lighten the mood by telling us it was 6* cooler in Atlanta. What a blessing. While we sat, I realized my fitbit was counting steps even though I wasn’t walking. Donald may have delayed my flight but I did earn 347 steps while sitting still. Last time we flew we couldn’t land because DT was in the area and we hit turbulence which made AB throw up. I’ll take free steps anyday.