Another school year has come to an end.

Sarah’s carpool karaoke is still going strong. The two mornings I drove AB to school, I still sang her the same two songs I’ve been singing since she began school. I constantly worried she’d ask me to stop singing, but we’re still going strong. Every day when I picked her up, I asked what the scoop was inside the school. There was very rarely a dramatic scoop, but I still asked. Every Thursday, we drove across the street to Sonic for a small cherry limeade and medium tots. We are a people who found our rhythm and stuck to it.

This year, we chauffered a school friend to another friend’s home every Tuesday afternoon. That friend didn’t often have any inside information from her grade, but I always asked. She laughed at my jokes, which was more appreciation than my offspring often gave me.On home school days, Annabelle spent as much time as she could doing school on the picnic table. Sometimes on winter days, we’d make a fire and do school on the living room floor. I taught more math than I ever care to do again. I read aloud in the afternoons like Mom did for me. Thanks to a patient tutor, she turned her spelling struggles around. I still suffer from badd spelin sklz and sadly picked up nothing during our weekly sessions.

My Sesame Pie got the A Honor Roll for the third year in a row. By extension, I also got A Honor Roll for the third year in a row. She was voted as Most Likely to Become President. That’s great news for me because I can be her First Lady. Christopher is a party pooper and says he won’t run for president which means AB was my only ticket to Washington. Her teacher gave her the Kindness Award and her classmates gave her the Caring Heart Award which means more than the honor roll.
I don’t know that we’re homeschool for life people, but I wouldn’t trade these days at home with her for anything. (Actually, I might trade some of them. But overall, big fan.)