When you have too many boards on pinterest with similar titles that you don’t know where to pin new things.

When your computer is dying and you don’t feel like walking the 4 feet to the charger so you use it until it has 4% battery left.

When your boneless chicken has a bone.

When your taco shells are broken before you even take them out of the package. 

When the phone/ipad screen rotates and you can’t make it rotate back.

When you pay $1.99 per episode of a show only to discover that you can watch it for free on the network website. 

When you try to watch another show for free on the network website and discover that it’s no longer available. 

When you want to know the translation of a Spanish comment on Facebook but are too lazy to Google it.
When you buy the wrong type of toilet paper.
When Dunkin Donuts runs out of French Vanilla flavoring.

When Dunkin Donuts employees are not familiar with the finer points of making French vanilla ice coffee.

When you spend too much time thinking about dear Dunkin.