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Look how tiny she was back in October. Somebody make the growing stop!!
Don’t act like you’re surprised we’re matching. I planned our wardrobe weeks in advance. Even Christopher got on board by wearing blue to church.
Two years running and our mother/daughter matching game is as strong as ever. Excuse me while I shed more tears over tiny AB. (Also. Can we discuss how exhausted I looked last year? Good grief.)
I love this picture. She’s telling me I’m her favorite mom, she loves me so much and she wants go celebrate the day by showcasing her new screeching ability. As a cherry on top, she will drop her food on the floor and pretend it’s confetti.

After church Sesame and I went on a little date to Dunkin Donuts. She already loves their hash browns so I feel my job of training her in the way she should go is complete. When she got up from her nap we went strawberry picking with Tiffany. She looks as cool as a cucumber in November while my offspring and I are a lovely shade of Glistening Red. 

Annabelle was obviously a big help picking berries.
When we got home I brought Annabelle out to swim in her pool and play with Harriet Tubman the cat. (I don’t know why I specified Harriet Tubman is the cat. It’s not as if the original Harriet Tubman would make an appearance on our porch.) While we were playing, Christopher assembled my gift- a jewelry armoire that is so beautiful I could stare at it for hours. I was Shocked with a capital S. I would have been perfectly happy with flowers and a hug but they (mostly the baby, naturally) went above and beyond. They’re pretty good people. I guess I’ll stick around with them for a few more decades.
You’d think we could have utilized the timer on the camera to take a family picture.