I hope your week started off better than Baby Belle’s. Her hand fell off and she’s naked. The weekend was not kind to her.
Annabelle was invited to a 4th birthday party weeks ago but I forgot to pick up a gift until the last minute. I had to dash into Toys R Us which is a store I have a long documented history of disliking. My last trip there was uneventful so I thought maybe our relationship had turned a corner. This latest trip proved we had not. I was minding my own business, searching for Ariel products when a motion activated dog came to life and jumped off the shelf at my feet. I fell into a display across from the demonic dog and almost had a heart attack. NEVER AGAIN, TOYS R US. More like Boycotted R You.

Despite the harrowing experience to find it I think I picked out a good gift. Annabelle tried it out and said she wants one for her Frozen party. She asks for EVERYTHING for her Frozen party. Anytime she sees something she doesn’t have she tells me she hopes she gets it. She’s not demanding at all, just making sure I know she wants a top, a Toy Story game, a sparkly thing, “da thing yike Rachel has”, red hippo toy, a shark that goes squeak squeak and “a superman toy yike Jackson.” It’s a very extensive list.
Last night we went on a date. Our second date in one month! It’s almost like we’re once again the carefree and childless couple of pre March 2014. 
Me:Why didn’t you smile?
C: I did.
Me: It doesn’t look like it.
C: That’s what I look like when I smile.

Six years together and I still don’t recognize a smile when I see it.

Christopher suggested we eat at the Brazilian steakhouse. He explained how the waiters carry various meats around the restaurant and the diners signal they want some by holding a card up in the air. It seemed very chaotic to me and sounded like a rodeo.
How I pictured the restaurant.

In reality it was very lovely and not one person was waving their arms or yelling. The salad bar was a delight. They had a huge plate of prosciutto (my love language) and another of grilled provolone. I wanted to stay there all evening. We were going to see a movie also but instead came home to visit with Mom and watch a show in our pajamas. 

Here’s to a week of less crazy toys and more good food.