Welcome to our home! All the big bloggers do tours of their beautiful homes and I wanted to jump on that bandwagon.
A multitude of boxes will meet you as you enter the front door. 
To the left, you’ll see Christopher’s study. It’s really a place of peace and tranquility.
Be careful not to step on my product graveyard as we move down the hallway. I can’t help it if I love free samples and new beauty products a little too much. When going through this mess I realized I have products that a) expired years ago and b) are the wrong color/style/smell but I’m never gotten rid of them. I worry if I get rid of it I’ll want it, but if I haven’t used it since 2014 chances are I don’t need it. The fact that I have fifteen bottles of Bath and Body Works lotion is entirely Christopher’s fault. I had to tell him to stop buying them for me since I wasn’t using them as fast as he was getting them.
You’re welcome to use the hall bathroom but in the spirit of disclosure, I have to tell you I trapped a frog in there this week. A FROG. A FROG IN MY HOUSE. I DO NOT LIVE NEAR A SWAMP OR IN A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY SO THERE SHOULD NOT BE FROGS IN MY HOUSE. I hate frogs. H-a-t-e them. Elizabeth said I should have been so worked up about it since it was one small frog, but it might as well have been the plague Moses sent upon the Egyptians. One frog, no matter how small, is too many.
Instead, you can use the master bathroom where we have not one but two scales. If you don’t like the results on the first scale just step on the other and believe whichever is lower. Ask how I know.
Step right up to our living room where you can enjoy the latest episode of This Is Us while you sit amongst the boxes and various toys.
When it gets dark, turn on either of our of lamps or a small fan. They sit atop a state of the art end table that can only be bought in the poshest of stores. 

Feel free to stay the night. Just let me know so I can clear the guest bed.

Kristoff from Frozen sits on the otherwise undecorated shelf. He lost his head somewhere along the line and I have no idea where it is. Maybe it’s in the same place as my own head. I lost that the day after we arrived.