Someone is currently banging on our house. Annabelle told me there was a knock at the door but when I checked, no one was there. It’s either someone here to fix the siding loosened in the hurricane two months ago (because our landlords are not on top of things) or someone is using a sledgehammer to break through the brick exterior and come to murder us. I’d like to thank true crime podcasts for putting that last thought into my head.

If I never finish this post it’s because the latter came true. 

Most of Saturday was dark and rainy. We have a yearly tradition of drinking apple cider while we drive around leaf peeping. There are almost no leaves to peep, but we got the cider anyway. I’m not a big Starbucks person but their caramel apple spice is delicious. Who can be a big Starbucks person when you practically have to sell a liver to get a drink there? 

While we were out we went to a Christmas tree lot worthy of the most beloved Hallmark movies. Or maybe we went to our storage unit and dug our fake tree out of the dark recesses of the back. Setting up the first of our trees happened in a very calm and soothing environment.

We only got the lights and angel on that night but I thought it looked so pretty. I think lights can be almost as pretty as a tree full of decorations.

It continued to pour and thunder for the rest of the day and into the night. All night long our phones went off with alarms from the national weather bureau. Flash flood warnings, tornado watch, and finally a tornado warning. I ignored the first message that came through about taking shelter. I didn’t feel like getting out of bed and honestly, I thought it might be overkill to find shelter. Christopher was asleep on the couch and all our phones were in our room so he had no idea what was happening. A few hours later he came to bed and the tornado warning blared again. He made us get up and bunk down in the bathroom. When he brought AB in the bathroom, she looked around at the room and the pile of blankets to sleep on and said, “Well, this is weird.” I agree, sister. It is weird to be laying between your parents on your bathroom floor. Christopher left the room to get pillows and when he came back, he couldn’t open the door fully because of all the blankets on the floor. I was sitting closest to the door and started to move the blankets out of the way. He lost his balance trying to squeeze through and grabbed on to the towel rack about my head to steady himself. The rack ripped out of the wall and he landed ON MY FACE then fell into the tub. My nose started bleeding. I crawled over to the toilet paper while my head tipped back, blood dripping down. Christopher got himself out of the tub. Annabelle sat with her blanket wondering what was going on. In the end, it was Christopher who caused the most damage during the storm.