It looks like we’ll have to move again which is a shame because I love our house.

I saw two frogs in my yard.

The first one was on my car. I was going to get Christopher to deal with it but the car windows were open and I was worried the frog would hop into the car while I was finding him. Besides, I am woman hear me roar and all that. I swatted it off with a piece of mail while gagging. A few days later I went out to water the strawberry plants. I aimed the hose into the watering can and came face to face with a frog. I screamed and kicked the watering can. So much for “hear me roar.” More like “hear me scream like a great lady who has seen a mouse.” At the same time, something fell out of the tree above me and landed on my head. It cannot be confirmed, but I assume it was another frog.  I blasted the water into the can for a good 30 seconds to get the frog out before realizing that the frog wasn’t even in it. He was sitting on the outside watching me like a lump on a log. I blasted him again and again while he lazily hopped around the yard. Did I blast him for longer than necessary? Yes. Would I have been upset if I drowned him? No. 

If anyone knows of a reptile free home please let me know. Until we find a suitable spot, I will be living with my family in sanitized boxes at the end of the driveway.

Speaking of sanitation, I found a random container of Clorox wipes and several small bottles of hand sanitizer in the closet. Being a semi hoarder prepared with multiple supplies has paid off. I also ended up with four digital thermometers which I will admit is a bit excessive, but I’ll be ready when the first three die!

Our new corona routine is pretty well established. It’s not all that different from our BC (Before Coronavirus) routine but we’ve made a few changes. Going for a walk before we start school has helped us get through the morning more smoothly. I didn’t realize how much I relied on the alone time during AB’s ballet and swimming lessons, but now that I don’t have it I really miss it. I don’t know why but it seems like much more than two hours when we’re trying to fill the time at home. I haven’t been feeling well for most of this pandemic which adds a layer of difficulty but we’re getting by. The mental part has gotten to me so I have to make a real effort to be more patient with Annabelle. I know this upheaval affects her too so I’m trying to find ways for her to get out of the house more. Last Friday we went to the farm to pick strawberries. We were so excited to see somewhere new. We were like prisoners seeing the sun for the first time in eight years. Appropriate distance was maintained by all and while we barely came into contact with anyone, it was nice to see other people across the field.

Annabelle kept saying, “I had so much fun picking strawberries and seeing the goats. This is a good Mama Sesame date.”

We went really wild and ran into the grocery store after berry picking. AB has to either fold her hands or I put a wipe on the cart and she puts her hand on that.  Every time I go to the store it looks different. I didn’t know the aisles had been changed to one-way so I kept going the wrong way. There are more tape squares on the floor showing everyone where to stand. A cashier kept yelling, “Social distance! Social distance!” which was unnecessary. No one in the checkout line was doing the ”wrong” thing. Give us the information and trust us all to stand in the right blue square. She made my very small contrary streak come out. It’s interesting/sad to see what the new hot items are. I usually buy two soaps so I have a backup (see above where I discuss my desire to be prepared) but this week the sign said I was only allowed to buy one. 
We’ve been getting any craft supplies from Michael’s curbside pickup but I needed to run in for something. The manager was standing at the locked door and only unlocking it to let customers out and counting everyone who wanted to get in. She only let in ten people at a time and we had a 15-minute time limit. It made me really sad. 
Lucy is dealing with this new life in the right way. Let’s all take naps until this is over.