I have two, with a pending third, things in the books for next week so our schedule is about to get full again. What kind of wild life are we living with THREE events in one week? Counting the couch repairman coming as a “wild life” is a bit of a stretch, but such are the times we’re living in. 

Annabelle was recently asking for specifics about adoption while we were driving with the windows down. “I was wondering how you pick a child. Is it like a deli? Or is it more like a pizza delivery? Or like a restaurant where you order? And can you turn down the sound of the wind for me?” The answer is no to all those questions. 

We were on our morning walk and she was chatting as she usually does. “I can’t wait for spring to finish so summer can start and finish and then fall can start.” “What’s going to happen in the fall?” I asked. “I’ll get to do school and learn lots of new things and it will be so fun.” I think she meant she’ll be excited for the homeschool groups to start back up, but we’re still doing school for this year! She does not seem so excited about doing it every morning. 

AB spent a significant amount of time on Tuesday evening crying. She would not tell me what was wrong, but she requested I “leave and shut the door’ when I went to check on her in her room. She lay on her bed, crying and sniffling. All she could get out was the quarantine might have something to do with it. Yesterday I was in the other room and I heard her pause her story multiple to say something. I thought she was talking to me but she said she wasn’t. Later on, she paused the story again and said, “Dear Lord. Please help me not to have a loose tooth.” Then later, “Dear Lord. Please help me not to believe I have a loose tooth.” I had to break it to her that losing teeth is going to happen, regardless of how much she prays for the contrary. We’re in for a long road of it if she gets so upset at the thought of losing teeth when she doesn’t have any loose ones. Hopefully getting money from the Tooth Fairy every time will make it a little easier. 

We pay a yard crew to do our lawn. They do the grass and we do the weeding, trimming (when the trimmer works), etc. The other day they were over at the same time as I was out watering the tiny plants in my garden. One of them said something about how he had used bug spray last time he was over and for me to let him know if I didn’t want anything sprayed. He gestured to my flower garden and said, “Did you plant something there?” “Yes, I put flower seeds in a few weeks ago. Is that a problem? Should I have done it somewhere else?” Why would I ask if it was a problem? It’s my garden! I’m too much of a people pleaser. Oh, my garden in my own yard is possibly in your way? Let me dig up the whole thing and move it somewhere more convenient for you. While I’m at it, how about I take down any pictures from my walls that aren’t your style? Lawn Guy stared at me. He only wanted to know if he should spray it or not. 

I’m am a very frugal person but this quarantine is turning me into a woman who wants to press buy now on purchases left and right. I have wanted to purchase many unnecessary items but the latest is a new low. The Jawzersize promises me a chiseled jaw in 60 days. Reduction of double chins! Free shipping on US orders! SIGN ME UP. I could work on my jawline while Annabelle uses her jaw to tell endless stories about her perspective on the day she was born.