I tried all day yesterday to blog but every single time I sat down, the cat ran out of the house or the laundry needed to be switched or Miss No Personal Bubble was three inches from my face.

We celebrated our anniversary last week by wearing fancy clothes and eating takeout in the dining room. I hadn’t worn the dress since I was slightly smaller so it didn’t zip all the way in the back but no one else was at Restaurant de Personal Dining Room so it didn’t matter. Annabelle ate in the kitchen while facetiming with Grammy and Elizabeth. It worked out well for all involved. Somehow we’ve been married for nine years but it feels like two. It’s gone by SO fast.

Annabelle wrote us this card. “Der mom and dad. Hop you hav a hape anovrsre.” 

Poor Sesame was getting droopy and sad last week from missing her friends and her normal life. I’ve tried to keep as much of a normal schedule as possible while adding in a little extra fun, but I can’t replace her swimming, ballet or playdates. Several times I’d find her laying on the floor in her bedroom or the living room, staring into space. I decided we needed to get out of the house so Monday we had a Mommy Sesame date. We needed to go grocery shopping anyway, so we drove an hour and a half to a town with an Aldis and an open park. There were very few people at the park so we weren’t in anyone’s way. It made me so happy to see her splashing around. She kept telling me, “This is the best quarantine day I’ve ever had.” 

Reading for pleasure has finally started to click for AB. She loves the Ollie the gossling books and we’ve read all the stories our library has in the series. She likes to sit in one chair on the deck with I sit in another and she reads to me. It’s still not completely smooth sailing but it’s much better than a few months ago. I don’t particularly enjoy teaching reading but it’s very rewarding that she’s getting into it. 

Other than that it’s been “normal” shelter in place life. Our state has eased up some and technically we’re allowed to go out as we please, but the numbers are still rising so no new stores opened up and we’re not going out any more than before. We are now allowed to resume getting tattoos which is not something I ever consider getting, but quarantine Sarah is getting restless so who knows what a wild Wednesday night may bring. I don’t understand how we’re to maintain the preferred 6ft apart when getting a tattoo but I’ll keep you posted if I try it. Maybe I’ll get AB’s anovrsre letter tattooed on my forehead.