Reading: I’ve been in a terrible reading rut. I got halfway through three books before giving up. For years I would make myself finish every book but not anymore. There are too many good books in the world to spend my reading time on subpar books. I borrowed a book from the library called The Swiss Courier on my old standby topic of WW1 and WW2. I forgot I had it until I found it stuck in the bottom of the library book basket. I started it on Monday and was really enjoying it, but had to return it on Tuesday because there were no renewals left. This is my latest batch of books.

The back of The Switch had me at the first sentence. “Eileen, newly single and about to turn eighty, would like a second chance at love, but her tiny Yorkshire village doesn’t offer many eligible gentlemen.” She and her twentysomething granddaughter in London swap homes for two months while they sort out their lives. If that’s not a Sarah book waiting to be read I don’t know what is.
With AB, I’ve been reading Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crocket, Giraffe Problems and several more.

Laughing at:

Impressed by/feeling bad about myself: I’ve been researching the new Supreme Court candidate. She is a mother of seven, one of whom is special needs, and somehow has her wits about her enough that she said yes to one of the biggest jobs in the entire country. She balances seven children and has a robust career while I cannot remember which shoe size my one child wears.

I listened to an interview with a man who is a father, an Army doctor, a fighter jet pilot and an astronaut who just spent ten months in space. I went to Sam’s Club yesterday and got lost finding the soda. Astronaut Drew can get himself to the moon but my flight pattern through the produce section of Sam’s looks like this.

Proud of: Annabelle at school. She told me she helped Nolan K find a book he wanted and congratulated Landon on reading well when he’s been struggling. It’s nice to know she’s being kind when I’m not there to remind her.

Helping: Sesame sweep the leaves in the backyard.

Making: I’ve taken a break from my old lady craft of cross stitch and have taken up another old lady craft of embroidery. I bought a new pattern that I planned on starting last night while I watched the presidential debate, but I had a headache so I haven’t started. If I hadn’t already had a headache, all the yelling and name-calling between Donald and Joe would have given me one.

Watching: Somebody Fed Phil. It is delightful. He is entertaining and SO kind to the people he eats with and his crew. He constantly reminds me of our old landlord who we loved.

Planning: our 10th anniversary trip. Every time Phil visits a new country I add it to my possible locations list. Hopefully, by April we’ll be able to move freely around the world. If not, we’ll be visiting Paris, Tennessee or Denmark, Maine.

Playing: trivia games via zoom. It is as full of technical problems as you’d expect. The other team had a question about which fast food restaurant has a chihuahua as a mascot. My team was asked “how many gallons of water can a baobob tree hold in its trunk? Too bad the questions weren’t about getting dizzy in Sam’s.