The living room and dining room are the only areas I got decorated this year and honestly, I barely got them done. I wanted to decorate the kitchen too but what with pandemics and miscarriages and blahblahblah I didn’t have the energy.

It’s clique, but I do love the glow of the lights.
The glow of the tiny neon tree lights adds a very authentic touch to the nativity scene.
Annabelle’s snowman army has been growing strong for six years. They’re the first things she asks to unpack when we get out the Christmas boxes. They obscure some of my decor and end up all over the living room and kitchen. Every so often I try to weed them out but she always notices. One of these years she won’t be excited to see the snowmen box so we continue to line up them up and see her smile. Last year nutcrackers became her newest obsession and the nutcracker army is beginning to form.

Our theme tree in the dining room didn’t pan out well this year. We had several good ideas but didn’t have the time to gather the necessary supplies. Instead, we used ball ornaments we used on theme trees in years past and a package of new pastel glitter balls. I prefer to call them baubles as it sounds much more sophisticated. I guess you could say the theme is pretty baubles.
I love sitting on the couch at night and seeing the living room tree to my left and the theme tree to my right.Long live Christmas cards!