Some of Christopher’s great joys in life are researching and learning new information. Leaning into these love languages, AB and I researched facts about Father’s Day and sat him down for a mult-part presentation. Annabelle chose to present from inside a large cardboard box which I hear is where Abraham Lincoln presented all his most stirring speeches.

Sesame also rewrote the words to “Reindeers are Better than People” from Frozen.

“Dad is better than reindeer,
Mom, don’t you think that’s right?
‘Cause reindeer don’t love us and hug us and snug us,
Even though he’s chilly toes*!”

*Christopher likes the thermostat on unacceptable arctic levels so we call him Chilly Toes


It’s very clear that Christopher is the number one guy in our house.

Linus was not pleased to he didn’t make the final cut as the favorite guy in our house. He demands we recount the votes.