“I don’t do blogs but I guess I can help with yours. Ok, let’s see. My favorite shows to watch this summer are Wizards of Waverly Place and The InBestigators. My favorite podcasts are Wow In the World, Who When What, Bobby Wonder and Circle Round. We went to a water park. We went to Boston. I went to Winshape. This is when we built one of our forts.
We played in the dirt pile in the backyard. It’s called Dirt City. I build houses and bury the shovel so when I come back I can dig it up with my hand.

I’m a ghost in this picture. I said, ‘no more pictures, Mom!’

We walked at the lake and fed all the ducks. My favorite ducks are named Bushtop, Hangtime and Dragon. Their favorite snack is bread.

We went to the coffee shop after church and I wore my gray hat. It was my detective hat from Halloween. The people at church liked it and kept saying it looked cute, but it wasn’t supposed to be cute! It was just a hat! I didn’t like all the attention when they kept saying that.

We did gardening. Mom’s tomatoes were a big snack for the bugs! The peppers are ok and they’re still growing now. That’s about it about my summer. Can I finish my puzzle now?”