Every year I say we need to take a family vacation just the three of us and we never do. This year I put my foot down and said, guys! We’re doing it. It was the shortest, one-night vacation but it was lovely nonetheless. We’ve been wanting to visit Ginnie Springs in Florida for years, and I deemed this the perfect time to go. I told Christopher I would be extremely disappointed if the reality didn’t match the pictures online. I even apologized in advance, as if I was responsible for creating nature.

It did not disappoint. The water in the springs really was as clear as water we’ve seen in the Bahamas. 

One thing I thoroughly enjoy when kayaking is turning on Sarah Karaoke and singing whatever songs my boatmates ask for. I loved doing that with the twins when I’d be squished on the bottom of a canoe while they rowed us around a lake. They never appreciated my Celine Dion as much as they should have and turns out neither does my offspring. I refuse to acknowledge that I am the common denominator in these scenarios. Surely it has nothing to do with my singing and everything to do with their lack of sophisticated taste.