I do not jump on bandwagons. I am an anti bandwagoner. This has been detrimental at some points if it’s something I would enjoy if it wasn’t popular, but feel I cannot participate in because of its popularity.

I have not jumped on the following wagons to some level over the last decade:
Google (I didn’t use it for 6 months to prove to Christopher that other search engines are just as good.)
Target. If I shop there, I refuse to wear leggings while doing so. I will not be a stereotype on top of a bandwagoner.
I absolutely refuse to get an iPhone. I am so anti the apple.
The musical Hamilton

How the times have changed because guess who now knows all the words to Hamilton and went to see it off-Broadway.

I tried listening to the music several years ago (after the hubbub had died down an appropriate amount) and couldn’t make heads or tails of it. I have fundamental issues with inaccuracies in it so I more or less wrote it off as a not-for-me situation. About a year ago, I was trying to widen AB’s musical repertoire and we tried Hamilton. She was a goner. She has listened to it for 1776 hours. We’ve all been subjected to the songs over and over and over. In general, I’m particular about the language she hears, so I’m praying they sing so fast she misses some of the spicier words. After the music was drilled into our skulls, we moved to watching the movie. I will admit that watching the movie makes the music more understandable. I don’t dislike it anymore. PLEASE NOTE HOW I HAVE GROWN AS A PERSON.

The Broadway cast rolled in Atlanta this year and given her current obsession with the musical and theater in general, it was the perfect early birthday gift. I was so tickled about taking her. I could barely hold in the secret for weeks. The theater was gorgeous. It was designed to look like we were attending an outdoor show at an Egyptian bazaar. The ceiling was light up like the sky and had twinkling stars.
I watched Ses watch the show almost as much as I watched the actors. It made me so happy. Babies growing up is for the birds and I don’t approve, but every so often I like the big kid stage.